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We cater for the “Back Yard” bird owners and are equally happy treating individuals and/ or on a flock basis. We see both posh pedigree birds as well as old draught layers. - Ed Bulman BVMS MRCVS


The most common problems we see in poultry present themselves as a sudden drop in egg production, loss of plummage or behavioural changes such as reluctance to go outside. There is a variety of conditions leading to these symptoms which can treated successfully.



Due to the intensive production of gamebirds in the early stages, they are susceptible to many infectious and parasitic diseases. In order to prevent out-breaks of these diseases, we can do routine checks on your poults and if necessary, post-mortem examinations to diagnose the problem and start on the correct treatment for the rest of the group. We also do prescriptions for medicated feed.

Buff Orpington Eggs day 3 in the incubator.

Buff Orpington Eggs day 3 in the incubator.