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All dogs are welcomed at “Grooming at Mile House” whether large, small, pedigree or cross. The team of experienced groomers are based at Mile House in a purpose built grooming parlour with full wash room facilities.


We always take into consideration the dog’s lifestyle, age, health, skin problems, condition of their coat and also how much time you can commit to care between visits. When the dogs come to ‘Grooming at Mile House’ they are bathed, groomed and styled to either the breed standards or personal preferences.

Grooming prices vary largely dependent on breed, temperament, size and coat type. We can offer your dog a full groom which include a bath, blow dry, groom, trim/clip and nail trim, we can also just do single parts of this groom if that is all your dog requires. The average price for a grooming session is between £15 – £50, however we recommend you give the practice a call to get a more specific quote on the requirements your dog needs.


‘Grooming at Mile House’ is often busy so please make sure to give us a ring on 01609 781673 and get an appointment booked.